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Procedure to eradicate malwares/spywares

>> Author : Troll

Support & questions
For all questions, important comments, debates, etc. on one or plural tutorials, please go to the tutorials support forum

For Windows XP and Vista please unactive the system restauration by pressing Windows key + pause :arrow: system restauration, and click on 'desactivate restauration'.

To delete malwares:

I/ Dowloading, installing and updating cleaning softwares :

Download Ccleaner and install it.

Then dowload AVG Antispyware (click here),and install it. After, update it by clicking on « update now ». When it is launched, on the welcome screen, at the right of "last update" :

Next, download Spybot Search And Destroy. (click here) After you have dowloaded it, launch it, then follow the instructions to make a save of the register, then update and vaccinate it.

Lastly, dowload Ad-Aware (click here). Install and update it by clicking on "web update"and then on "update".Answer YES when it asks you if you want your "definition file" to be updated.

II/ Analysing and cleaning

Now that you have everything you need, you must restart your computer in safe mode (without Networking Support). I would advise you to now print this page, for you will not have access to internet any more in safe mode !

To restart in safe mode, clik on F8 before Windows starts. Multiple choices will then be given, click on safe mode.

Use YOUR session and NOT the administrator one if you are on a limited account to find more easily your softwares.

Now, use Ccleaner. Launch it and click on "start cleaning", on the bottom-right hand side. Answer YES to the next message and wait. When it is finished, close Ccleaner.

Next, open AVG AntiSpyware, and go to the Analyse part, which is situated on the top of the window. Click on Parameter, and in the "How to react?" part, click on "Recommanded actions"and select "Delete".

Then, click on ANALYSE and launch a complete system analyse.

The scan stars, wait a moment ...

Once it is finished, click on Applicate actions to delete infected files.

Next, click on Save the report so that you can post your report on the forum.

Now, start Spybot. Once it is launched, click on «verify everything ». The scan starts. Once it is finished select everything and click on « correct the problems ».

You can now finally open ad-aware, and click on Start Analyse , then on Complete Analyse and on Analyse.

Once the scan is finished, select by marking off the left-situated squares all the found objects, then click on "delete".

Finally click on "finish".

The cleaning is now finished!

Restart your computer in normal mode, and for XP users reactivate the system restauration by deleting the marking of the previously marked 'desactivate restauration' box.

Some problems persist?

If, after having followed this tutorial you feel you still need a cleaning-up or if bugs persist, I would advise you to create a subject on the security forum, and start by posting your log avg antispyware :

  • Launch avg antispyware.

  • Go in "reports".

  • In the left panel, double click on the concerned report.

  • On the right part : right click->select everything and right click->paste.

  • Paste this report in the forum, in the subject you have just been created.

To post the log hijackthis :

After having followed this tutorial, you need to post the hijackthis on the forum:

  • Create a folder in C:, and name it "hijackthis".

  • Download hijackthis in this folder.

  • Deconnect you from internet and close all your active programs.

  • Open the file you have just downloaded.

  • Click on "do a system scan and save a log file".

  • Notepad opens -> edition: select everything, then edition: paste.

  • Reconnect you and post what you've just recopied (post in a subject you've created for this purpose).
    (if you don't understand... in images )

Copyright © 2006-2008 PCInfo-Web, all rights reserved
Translated from French by Vity

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